Casino Games

One of the biggest pleasures of playing online casino games has got to be the selection and availability. When you play online you never have to go in search of your favourite game and then wait for someone to stop playing so you can take your turn. Online casinos offer every game you would find in a land-based casino and more. Now you can play whenever you want and all from the comfort of your own home. All of the casinos you will find here at Kazino offer both free play casino games for fun and practice as well as real money casino games for those big cash jackpot hunters.

Get spinning with online slots

Online slots have got to be one of the most popular online casino games. Most of the brands we play at have hundreds upon hundreds of slot games on offer. Slot games can be divided into three different categories:

Classic slot games

These are the original slot games, the traditional “one armed bandit” games. A classic slot game has three reels and a single payline. This type of online slot is probably the easiest to understand as you only need to focus on the main three symbols on your screen to see if you win. These games do not have bonus symbols and generally don’t have bonus features they are simple but can award handsome jackpots.

Video slot games

Video slots are the more elaborate classic style slot games. Video slots extend to five reels and have multiple paylines, some games go up to 275 ways to win. Video slots have exciting themes and often have bonus feature games where you can win free spins or bonus amounts. Another great feature of video slot games is that they have bonus symbols, these symbols help create winning combinations or unlock the feature games. The games with more paylines increase your chances of winning so these are a popular choice for most players.

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Progressive slot games

If you are looking for the million dollar games then you need to be playing progressive slots. The concept behind a progressive slot is that the jackpot progresses higher and higher with each and every spin within the gaming network. That means that a games jackpot ticks higher practically every second until won. Most of the progressive games in our preferred casino network start growing from 1 million. The jackpot will continue to grow until won and will then reset back to 1 million and start growing all over again. Players that win these jackpots become instant millionaires thanks to these life changing jackpots.

Table games

We do love the thrill of taking our seat at the card table, scoping out the other players and analyzing the competition. When you play table games online this excitement is not there as you play against an automated dealer. But, that does not mean these games are not thrilling, trust us your heart will start pumping when the cards are dealt. For players that prefer a more real life experience, we suggest trying out the live casino option at an online casino. You will find the following table games at an online casino:

Mobile casino games

When you play at a mobile casino you will find substantially fewer casino games on offer. This is because the technology is new and not all online casino games have been adapted to function on mobile yet. However, you will find casino games from each and every category mentioned at a good mobile casino, all of the mobile casinos we recommend offer a selection of slot and table games.